Fordyce Spots Cure - Is There A Cure For Fordyce's Spots?

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If you have found small yellow bumps in your genital area, you may be worried about sexually transmitted diseases or even cancer. Little white or yellow bumps in that area or even on the lips or nipples are not necessarily a health problem. There may be no cause for alarm at all. However, all skin growths should be checked by a doctor to make sure. Papules, or bumps, on the skin that range in color from white to yellow and are about one to three millimeters in diameter are most commonly a condition called Fordyce's disease. Though called a disease, these Fordyce spots are completely harmless and normal. In fact, ninety percent of all adult males have them. Although a Fordyce spots cure does not really exist, there are treatment options that can reduce the frequency, size, and appearance of these bumps.

People try all kinds of things as Fordyce spots cure attempts. They try out lasers, liquid nitrogen, and chemical peels. All of these are options that can work temporarily but can be painful and even cause significant scarring. The reasons that patients so desperately seek cures for Fordyce's condition are varied. Because of the lack of health related problems with the disease, treatment is mostly sought for cosmetic reasons. The bumps can be unsightly enough to cause affected people to avoid sexual contact altogether. Also, it can scare away potential sexual partners due to a lack of public awareness of skin conditions in the genital area that are not based in a sexually transmitted disease.

Feeling a bit like lepers of old, affected people can feel like outcasts and have their confidence undermined. In severe cases, patients can go into deep depression or refuse to leave the house. Another reason to seek a Fordyce spots cure is for mental health. Quality of life offers another reason to go for treatment of this seemingly harmless condition.

Safe, effective treatment that acts like a Fordyce spots cure is available. To understand how it works, you have to understand what Fordyce spots are. They are enlarged sebaceous glands. Sebum is a waxy or oily secretion that is produced by the sebaceous glands. Treatments in the form of topical gels can target these glands. They reduce the glandular production of sebum and decrease the size of the glands. This makes the Fordyce's spots smaller and less noticeable, making normal life possible and restoring confidence.
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Fordyce Spots Cure - Is There A Cure For Fordyce's Spots?

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This article was published on 2011/01/18