The Truth About Brown Age Spots

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By the time you finish reading this you are going know exactly what are brown age spots, what causes them, whether they are harmful or not and finally the available treatment and prevention options.

What Are Age Spots

They are flat pigmentations on your skin and are usually brown, gray or black in color. They are also sometimes referred to as liver spots, sun spots, lentigos or solar lengtigines.

What causes Brown Age Spots?

They are caused by over exposure to the sun. Let explain why this is so...

Too much sun exposure will increase the rate at which melanin is produced. Melanin is found in the upper layer of your skin and is responsible for giving your skin its color. Excess melanin will accumulate and appear as a dark pigmentation on your skin.

Areas Prone to Brown Age Spots

Age spots are usually found on areas on your body that are frequently exposed to the sun such as. This includes:

  • Hands
  • Face
  • chest
  • Legs
  • Upper back

Are They Harmful?

They are harmless. But to determine whether or not the spots are cancerous ,it is highly recommended to get your skin examined by a doctor if

they have an irregular border, very dark in color or have combination of  colors that is unusual and are rapidly increasing in size.

Treatment and Prevention Methods

Prevention - Prevention of brown age spots can take many shapes and forms. However my favorite are the following...

  1. Protective Clothing - Wearing any form of clothing that will protect your skin from overexposure of the sun rays will work. long sleeved tops, long pants and large brimmed hats work since they limit the amount on melanin produced in your skin, resulting in prevention of new outbreaks.
  2. Sun Screen - Since its impossible to always wear long sleeved tops, especially during summer, applying sun screen with at least SPF 15 can help as a  prevention method .

Treatment - Hand lotions and creams are my ideal choice of brown age spot treatment. They are cheap, easily accessible and most do not have side effects.

When choosing a hand lotions, look out for the following ingredients...

Cynergy TK

Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10

Nutgrass root

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The Truth About Brown Age Spots

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This article was published on 2010/04/04